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I finally finished editing and making a health program for children ages 4-7. It is written for a teacher/parent to present to kids to teach them about the 8 natural and Biblical laws of health (nutrition, exercise, water, etc.). The presentations have stories, illustration, craft ideas, songs, and activities.

To see a sample of the ebook, you can look at the attached file. The .pdf version is for sale for $7. If you happen to read this and are interested in buying a copy, just contact me at


Health Care Allegory

Welcome to the town of Allopath

There once was a town called Allopath. It had many people, streets
and cars, but due to budget limitations, there were no stop signs or
traffic lights anywhere in Allopath.

Not surprisingly, traffic accidents were common. Cars would crash
into each other at nearly every intersection. But business was booming
for the auto repair shops and local hospitals, which dominated the
economy of Allopath.

As the population of Allopath grew, traffic accidents increased to an
alarming level. Out of desperation, the city council hired Doctor West,
a doctor of the Motor Division (M.D.) to find a solution.

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