Walking by Faith

Answered prayers about a Pickup

A couple weeks ago our family went Goat-camping and we took our pickup to haul the goats. We traveled over 500 miles to Wapiki Lake, near Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Before we left, I checked the antifreeze and oil in the pickup, but forgot to put the cap back on the antifreeze. I left the cap sitting on the engine and closed the hood.

About an hour down the highway one of the kids just "had" to go potty, so we pulled off. I noticed antifreeze streaming out. Bad sign. I looked under the hood and noticed the cap wasn't on. And there was the cap, sitting right where I left it. It hadn't even fallen off! Fortunately I had tossed in a couple extra bottles of antifreeze before we left so I filled it, along with some extra water, and we continued our journey.

Computer problems & a lost DVD player

I'm learning to walk day by day, moment by moment with God, depending on His still, small, voice always.

A couple days ago I got a call from an older couple, asking for computer help and help starting their car. I figured it was God’s will that I go help them. It probably was, but I didn’t ask Him... I just worked it into my schedule.

I then tried to find our jumper cables. I looked and looked around our farm and couldn’t find any, but I didn’t ask God to help me find them... so I had to go to Wal-mart first. I didn’t ask God about going there.

While there, I bought a CD player, DVD player, and two sets of jumper cables. I should have asked God if he wanted me to buy them, and which ones to get.

Mission Pilot Miracle Stories

Here is a series of talks by David Gates, given in Wichita KS -- Aug 27-28, 2004.

These talks made a big impression on me and changed the direction of my life.  Listen to the amazing miracles of this mission pilot to Central America!  Our family listened to these files on our portable CD/mp3 player as we drove on a trip. 

Special thanks to Dan Tierney for encoding the files. 

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