DIIC Video

James produced an awesome little 20 minute video about Davis Indian Industrial College (DIIC) and their work & ministry there in Guyana. It briefly talks about the history of the school, then shows the campus, the farm, interviews of several of the volunteers, photos of the school and more.

Download it here (Special thanks to Walla Walla University and Rob Frohne for providing the bandwidth for this!) Or, View it on Google Video

Note about downloading the file from WWU: If clicking on the link does not allow you to save the file to disk, right-click the link and choose "Save As..." Also, if you are on dialup (no high-speed connection), give up. The file is nearly 200 megs and would take over two days to download it!

Even though this video is free, I'd recommend making a donation to James & Joy. Make sure to note that it goes to DIIC in Paruima.