Kostia - Child of Chernobyl

This summer, we have the exciting mission adventure of having a Belarusian child coming over to stay with us. This is being sponsored by Global Family Alliance and Child of Chernobyl, Walla Walla.

Several months ago, we heard about the opportunity and started seriously thinking about doing it. We prayed about it a lot.

Eventually it came right down to the wire of deciding which child we were going to have. There were several choices including an "active" 8-year old boy, a 9-year old boy, an 8-year old girl with significant dental problems, and several teenage girls.

At first blush, none of them seemed to fit our family perfectly. John5 (age 7) and Andrew of course wanted a boy. Lana and I weren't sure if we could handle another boy!

Finally we wrote the organization asking for a recommendation. They gave a high recommendation for Kostia, the 9-year-old boy. He likes cats and reading, and comes from a needy home in Gomel, Belarus.

We'll post some photos of Kostia soon.