Mission Pilot Miracle Stories

Here is a series of talks by David Gates, given in Wichita KS -- Aug 27-28, 2004.

These talks made a big impression on me and changed the direction of my life.  Listen to the amazing miracles of this mission pilot to Central America!  Our family listened to these files on our portable CD/mp3 player as we drove on a trip. 

Special thanks to Dan Tierney for encoding the files. 

How to listen?

Someone recently asked me:

We have listened to all of [these talks] and we are very impressed and convicted. I have downloaded them and saved them to the computer, and have copied them to disk. I can play them on the computer, but I am not able to copy them to play on the cd player. Could you help.

In order to create listenable CD's, your computer needs to be able to "burn" CD's. Many modern computers can do this... but older computers cannot. Usually a computer that can has a drive called a CDRW. If your computer can burn DVD's, it can also burn CD's.

The actual burning process varies depending on the operating system and installed software.

In general, it's easiest to just burn a CD with the mp3 files directly on it. All the talks would easily fit on a single CD. That CD can then be read on any computer, and on CD & DVD players that support mp3's. There are many devices now that can play mp3 files. I recently bought a portable CD/mp3 player at Wal-mart for about $30. I also bought a DVD (video)/CD/mp3 player for about the same price!

To be able to listen to these files on ANY CD player, they need to be converted into native CD format. That takes some special software, but once finished the audio can be burned on CD's as well. However, it takes up much more space (max of 70 minutes audio on a CD), so it would take 5-6 CD's for the whole series of talks.

Hope that explains it fairly well. If you have more questions, you can contact me.


Other David Gates talks available

I found other talks by David Gates available online.  Though some of the stories overlap somewhat, some stories are new, and explained slightly differently. Don't miss them.

You can download them from adventist4truth.com or from here.


More recent talks

On Sept 2-4 2005, David Gates gave some more inspiring talks in Southern California. You can find them here: http://advent-hope.org/talks/

Some of the stories are the same, but there are some new ones as well.



Thanks for making these available.  I really like the stories he told.

I especially liked the story at the end of "Special Forces" about the guy who was taken to heaven.  It gave me chills just to think about it.  I'm interested in reading the book.


Non-traditional landing...

I personally liked the non-traditional landing David described at the beginning of "In Times of Trouble".  It would have made my heart stop.