Answered prayers about a Pickup

A couple weeks ago our family went Goat-camping and we took our pickup to haul the goats. We traveled over 500 miles to Wapiki Lake, near Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Before we left, I checked the antifreeze and oil in the pickup, but forgot to put the cap back on the antifreeze. I left the cap sitting on the engine and closed the hood.

About an hour down the highway one of the kids just "had" to go potty, so we pulled off. I noticed antifreeze streaming out. Bad sign. I looked under the hood and noticed the cap wasn't on. And there was the cap, sitting right where I left it. It hadn't even fallen off! Fortunately I had tossed in a couple extra bottles of antifreeze before we left so I filled it, along with some extra water, and we continued our journey.

God is SO good! That would have been a major inconvenience because by then we were quite a ways from town.

When we returned from camping, I parked the truck by our house to unload it. A couple days later I tried starting it, but it wouldn't start! I think a fuel pump is going out or something.

Wow, the pickup could have stopped working anywhere on our long trip. But it got all the way home before stalling! What a kind God we serve.

A bit later Lana tried starting it again. She first prayed about it, because we really needed to use it. It started right up without a cough.

Yesterday, during my devotional time, I wrote something very unusual in my diary: "Bring me troubles and/or hardship... and deliverance, so I will stay close to you!" ...and then I wrote, right beside it: "I can’t believe I just said that!"

Later in the day I decided to take the truck down town to run some errands. I got its oil changed, then went to Home Depot to buy some supplies. After that I had one last stop to do... pick up a ton of pellets. I had Andrew and Lynae with me. Boy, putting two kids in two car seats in the front of a pickup isn't easy!

When we came out of Home Depot and got everyone in their seat... the truck wouldn't start. I cranked and cranked. Nothing.

I called Lana on the cell phone, and she was really encouraging. She had a short prayer with me, right on the phone. Then she suggested I take the kids out for a short walk to let the truck sit for a bit.

So, I got all the kids out and we went inside to get a drink. Eventually we came back outside.

The thoughts in my head went something like this:

I know without a doubt that God can start this truck for us. But is that his will? Maybe he has a higher reason for bringing on these troubles. But what a hassel it would be if it wouldn't start! I'd have to get it towed... Lana would have to come rescue us... it'd take a couple extra hours to sort it all out. ick.

Then, as I approached the truck, I was tempted to just try to start it without putting the kids in their seats. But I kept thinking, "That's not showing faith that God will help!"

So, I went through all the gyrations of getting the kids all strapped in. Andrew was asking, "Will the truck start, Daddy?" So we all bowed our heads and said a simple prayer asking God to help the truck start.

I turned the key... and... the truck just cranked and cranked.

Meanwhile, back at home Lana was just finishing a very full afternoon of canning pears. After my call, she was very tempted to start packing a picnic supper and getting things together to come rescue us. But then she realized, that wasn't living by faith. So instead, she just continued getting things ready.

That morning in her devotional time she had been reading about prayer. When this situation happened, she felt God would answer our prayers... if we would trust in Him.

Back in the pickup, I tried starting the truck one more time. This time it started up perfectly! What a kind, loving God we serve!

We quickly went and got the pellets, then drove home. As we were eating our late supper, Andrew had the biggest smile on his face as he told the family, "Jesus started our pickup for us!"

There are so many good things that come out of these inconvenient situations:

  • It makes me VERY thankful when things go smoothly!
  • It turns me to God more for help!
  • It builds my faith
  • It helps me realize God loves me and wants to help me.
  • It helps me realize I need to be connected continually with God through the day.
  • It reminds me to pray more.
  • Finally, it demonstrates to our children (and us adults) that God truly does answer our prayers!