Computer problems & a lost DVD player

I'm learning to walk day by day, moment by moment with God, depending on His still, small, voice always.

A couple days ago I got a call from an older couple, asking for computer help and help starting their car. I figured it was God’s will that I go help them. It probably was, but I didn’t ask Him... I just worked it into my schedule.

I then tried to find our jumper cables. I looked and looked around our farm and couldn’t find any, but I didn’t ask God to help me find them... so I had to go to Wal-mart first. I didn’t ask God about going there.

While there, I bought a CD player, DVD player, and two sets of jumper cables. I should have asked God if he wanted me to buy them, and which ones to get.

Then I went to help the couple. When I got there, I solved most of their computer problems right away. But the last issue with their wireless mouse had me stuck for quite a while. About the time I was ready to give up and tell them they needed a new mouse, I started praying about it. Silly me. Why do I always need to be desperate before I start praying?!

That "little" computer problem brought me back to God. I needed Him now. I needed Him earlier in the day also, probably more... but I didn't realize it.

Anyway, after several prayers God answered my prayers and guided me to the solution. He really did! He gave me the ideas of what to do to make it work. I jump-started their car, and then I drove home.

I was almost home (20 min drive) when I found out I was missing a jumper cable and the DVD player. It could have been stolen while I was helping out that couple, but why didn’t they take it all? IF I had been following God’s guidance all day long, I wouldn’t be stressed... because it’s all in his plans. But I didn’t. Sigh. I also found out the CD player is missing a really nice feature that our other one has--and I can't return it. Sigh. Why didn't I ask you, Lord, which CD player to buy?

Lord, WHY did you let this happen to me? Why did you allow these things to be stolen? Inside I felt stressed. I hate losing things. It's only $50 worth of stuff... but still!

I tried my best to track down the stuff. I called the couple... no, they hadn't seen it. I called the housing complex where they lived and asked if they had video monitoring of their parking lots. No. I tried calling Wal-mart... but they were closed.

Here's the amazing part... The next morning during my devotional time God spoke to me... not audibly, but in my thoughts. Here's part of our conversation:

I wanted to do some Bible study, but I got the distinct impression I should not do that, but instead plan my day and reflect on the events of the previous day. I'll write my impressions in italics.

Plan your day
Make your family a priority today

Okay, Lord, let me know at what times I should do that.

All day long

All day, Lord? But I have other things I need to get done. I have work I need to do.

You can do other things, just keep your family a priority.

I'm going to call Wal-mart today...

Are you going to ask me?

Okay, Lord. Can I call Wal-mart today and ask them if they found my stuff?

Yes, but call that older couple first

Really? That doesn’t make sense. Are those your thoughts, Lord? Why would I call them first? Why not Walmart? I told them I’d call Walmart first.

My thoughts don't always make sense. That's a good indication they are from me. Tell them not to worry about the lost items. You are coming into town anyway today, you can stop by Wal-mart.

Will I find them Lord?

Blessed is the man that trusts in [the Lord] ( Ps. 34:8 )

Okay, Lord. I haven’t been trusting you, but I’m learning to now.

I love you. I care about you. If it’s the best thing for you, you will get your stuff back. Otherwise, leave it to me.

Thank you, Lord. I leave it fully in your hands.

Go in person to Walmart

Okay, Lord... I’ll do that. Wow, are you really this interested in every little detail of my life? That’s awesome!

Yes I am!


I called the couple and told them not to worry. I told them that this experience of losing my stuff was actually a real blessing and I was glad it happened! It brought me closer to God in my daily walk. I told them that God would bring my stuff back to me... and even if He didn't, he would have a good use for it.

Well, I drove down to Wal-mart and found my missing stuff. Evidently the checker had placed it into two bags and I had just grabbed the one bag.

Don't we serve an awesome God?