Child of Chernobyl

Kostia - Introductory Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We have exciting news! Our family is looking forward to having a new child stay with us for the summer! For six weeks this July and August, we will be hosting a child from the Chernobyl area of Belarus, of the former Soviet Union. These children are being sponsored through a nonprofit group called Children of Chernobyl, Walla Walla. The six weeks they spend in our care will help recover their health from dangerous radiation exposure. Here’s a quick history of the situation:

An accident occurred in April, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Facility in the Ukraine, of the former Soviet Union. Fifty million curie of radioactive isotopes were delivered into

Kostia and his mom

Kostia and his mom

Here's Kostia with his mom.



Here's our first picture of Kostia.

Kostia - Child of Chernobyl

This summer, we have the exciting mission adventure of having a Belarusian child coming over to stay with us. This is being sponsored by Global Family Alliance and Child of Chernobyl, Walla Walla.

Several months ago, we heard about the opportunity and started seriously thinking about doing it. We prayed about it a lot.

Eventually it came right down to the wire of deciding which child we were going to have. There were several choices including

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