Guyana Technology Outreach Project

Want to help spread the Gospel in a simple way? Here's the story...

James emailed me a wonderful idea and said:

Here's a cool missionary project that would make a big impact down here in Guyana.

Most people know that Guyana Adventist Medical Aviation Services (GAMAS) operates an aviation program that supports schools (of which we're part of), but few know that GAMAS also supports bible workers in other villages. Many of these bible workers have gone through a crash course bible worker training program, and have been sent to another village to teach and share the gospel.

Because Guyana used to be British Guyana, 85% of every village understands English.

The missionary project is this.

I was planning on buying a CD/MP3 Player, 16 AA rechargable batteries, a pair of AA powered external speakers, a small AA solar charger, and a carrying case that would hold all the above plus CD's.

With this setup, all of a sudden these bible workers can have a whole library of resources to use themselves (since they haven't had lots of education), or to use in small group bible studies or Sabbath School classes.

I'd like to see a couple of these sets put into the hands of our best bible workers. I could provide the donor feedback on the results.

I found out that David Gates is heading to Guyana soon and will be able to take in these items.

I am putting together three sets of this:

  • CD/MP3 player
  • Audio NIV Bible in mp3 format
  • Bible in Living sound Bible story set in mp3 - already donated!!
  • External battery-powered speakers
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solar battery charger

Want to help with the expenses? Please donate to GMI and mark it as the Guyana Technology Outreach Project. You can help tell people about Jesus in Guyana.

Everyone can help!

  • Just $12 would be enough for a set of 4 rechargeable batteries.
  • $20 would be enough to get an external speaker set
  • $40 would buy the whole Bible in audio format
  • $80 would buy the solar battery charger

See your donations at work! James promised to give us a report on how well the technology is working...

Make a donation now. Be sure to designate it to go to the "Guyana Technology Outreach Program". (Any amount above what we use to purchase the these materials will be sent to James & Joy Ash for their use at Davis Indian Industrial College in Guyana.)